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About the Founder

Casi Caton

Originally from Northwest Arkansas now in East Texas! Casi Caton worked bringing people together as an Education Coordinator for years at a regional Art Museum & had a hand in planning events from homeschool art courses, to the annual gala. By being a part of countless community involvements with various congregations and local causes this is something that will continue to be a part of her journey. She has also spent some time teaching & coaching, having a competitive drive that sets her apart with her approach to the business & networking industry!

Casi believes that growth can come from every experience, and by putting herself into various industries she has been able to understand how they can work together to create a whole community. She has been a part of the food service industry, the Art scene, the graphic design world, child care, catering services, event planning, and historian endeavors & making valuable connections along the way. 

She did her schooling in central Arkansas at Harding University where she switched her field of study multiple times only to graduate a semester early with a BA and Minor. It has been drilled into her DNA to be a hard worker & not to stop until the job gets done!

Coverage by Casi

The other business

After a year and a half in the insurance industry, I can say that I absolutely LOVE what I can do for people. Health Coverage can be an overwhelming subject for many families, individuals or business owners, as your Licensed Insurance Agent, I am here as a resource to help when it comes to navigating your coverage options and I elaborate on exactly how the plan works. I do free quotes and consultations to help find the best health coverage situation for everyone! 


Services I Help With:


- Free Quote & Consultation 

- Health Coverage for 64 and under through both Private & Public Options 

- PPO Networks

- Don’t have coverage through work?


-Small business owner?

-Just moved across state lines and don’t know where to start.

- Dental Insurance

-Vision Insurance

- Supplemental Coverages


With my Health, Accident and Life insurance license. I help individuals understand what their risk exposure is with their current policies to determine what changes need to be made, if any. I love to help other people everyday find affordable and customized health and life coverage options to fit their personal or business needs. There are a lot of options out there and it's easy to get lost in all the information. Often times you may miss out on options that you can't google. This is what I am here for as your Advisor. Let me help make the process of finding the right plan easier for you so you can get back to focusing on other things in your life or business!

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