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Meet her Team

We Are Here To Help Each-Other Rise!

Meet our talented team! We bring entrepreneurial & business education to the table, along with possessing expertise in event coordination, branding, teaching beginnings of starting a business, media content creation, interviewing skill sets, photography & key skills in better connecting & networking. With a diverse blend of skills & backgrounds, our team thrives on innovation & creativity, ensuring every project feeds into you & your journey.


We pride ourselves on fostering the most supportive community, where we Help Each-Other Rise! We lift each other up & welcome everyone we meet with open arms. Discover the stories, expertise & personalities that make our team the best!


A Message from the Founder

"I'm a firm believer in finding ways to learn & grow each day. Whether it’s challenging myself with implementing new processes in my business or finding ways to get out of my comfort zone. Progress happens when we are at our best, at our worst and all in between, that why I created HER Network, a place to Help Each-Other Rise! 


HER Network was created to generate opportunities for women to connect with & support each other! With monthly interactions, get togethers, fundraising/good deeds. HER Network was created to give the resources to grow in both personally and Professionally! I always say, "If you aren't working, your business doesn't work," meaning, be sure you are taking care of YOU, if you over extend yourself there is no way what you are involved with will be as good as it could be! By building connections with like-minded women it contributes to the personal and professional development of each individual involved while growing their network! It has even given many women the push & encouragement they needed to become an entrepreneur themselves and know they won’t be in it alone! I love giving people an avenue to connect and collaborate Helping Each-Other Rise is what HER stand for and it’s what we do for every member."

- Casi Caton

Image by Noreen Nartia Photography

Casi Caton

Founder & CEO

When living in Arkansas Casi worked various careers and found her way to being Education Coordinator at the Regional Art Museum and had a hand in planning everything the museum had involvement from homeschool art courses, lectures, workshops, our annual gala etc. This is where her passion for bringing communities together started.


Finishing school in central Arkansas at Harding University she believes in finding ways to always learn and grow. We are always learning in this life and by talking with others that is how you get to see different perspectives and learn from their experiences. Continuing education is a huge piece of what she had in mind to implement in the business she founded in 2022 by not only being open to learning myself, but bringing education to others. That business being,

HER Network.


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Kaci Coats

Branding Director

Meet Kaci! One of the most rewarding aspects of her journey is witnessing the transformation of business owners' visions into reality. Seeing pride in their work we do together and how their brand's visuals and messaging align perfectly with their identity, is simply exhilarating!

Apart from being a social media aficionado, Kaci is also a proud parent of two adorable little ones! Balancing work and family life is a beautiful challenge that keeps her motivated and focused on delivering excellence in all aspects of her life.



Image by Noreen Nartia Photography

Noreen Headshot Scout Guide-02263_edited.jpg

Image by Noreen Nartia Photography

Noreen Nartia

Photography Director

Introducing Noreen! A seasoned photographer with 14 years of expertise. Holding a degree in marketing and management, she seamlessly blends her artistic flair with strategic insight. Noreen's work extends beyond mere images; she creates captivating visual narratives tailored to her clients' desires and aspirations. Her dedication to excellence ensures that every moment captured resonates as an unforgettable story.

In addition to her photography prowess, Noreen is the proud owner of the local franchise of Complete Weddings and Events. They offer services ranging from DJ services to photo booths, videography, coordination, and lighting, make them a one-stop destination for weddings and events. With Noreen's leadership, clients can expect unparalleled service and meticulous attention to detail.


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