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About HER Network

HER Network is a place you come to connect and get out of your comfort zone! We have built a community of like-minded women who can do life together. HER Network generates opportunities for women to connect with and support each other through monthly interactions, get-togethers & fundraising/good deeds, live streams with mentions of updates, encouragement, and answering hard questions to make you really connect with yourself and others again. I like to say, "If you aren't working, your business doesn't work," meaning, be sure you are taking care of YOU, if you overextend yourself there is no way what you are involved with will be as good as it could be! Building connections with like-minded women contributes to the personal and professional development of each individual involved & can grow their business by gaining exposure! HER Network has even given ladies the push and encouragement they needed to become an entrepreneur themselves!


Our events are located all across the country, head quarters are in East Texas! This organization was created to help each other rise, and we are able to do that by giving people a platform to connect and reach others who bring

encouragement to your life! 

Ready to Start Your Rise?!?

Check out our Past Events!

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